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Citrus Fruits

Property Management

It's our calling to eliminate your rental headaches. We make this possible by screening out problem tenants, acting as the point of contact for tenant concerns, market your rentals, decrease tenant turnovers, ensure rent is paid on time, avoid potential legal issues, and save you money on maintenance and repairs.

Here are the following ways we serve you:

  • Tenant Search

  • Tenant Screening

  • Eviction

  • Maintenance

  • Rent Collection

Tenant Search

To every landlord, the property is as good as nothing without the tenant, so we make that our number one objective for our clients. We use a variety of tools (like Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads sites, etc, and various social media platforms) to achieve this course in no time.

Tenant Screening

The Worst thing for every landlord than not having a tenant is having a bad tenant. Good tenants mean consistent income and fewer vacancies while bad ones mean just the opposite. They equal lost cash, more hassle, and a lot more turnover costs.

Fortunately, a good tenant Screening process like ours can help you avoid the latter.

Tenant Search


Evictions are very expensive; not just with the eviction, court, and attorney fees, it also includes costs racked up by the tenant.

With our unique strategy, we have been able to keep our eviction rate less than 1% for over 5 years.



Good maintenance is the longevity of every property. We do have a team of handymen and contractors that we are affiliated with that are always ready to take care of any maintenance that our clients need. These maintenance include all kinds of repairs, lawn care, landscaping, cleaning services, and snow removal.


Rent Collection

Every landlord looks forward to that 1st day of the month (chin-chin!). We always send constant reminders to the tenants to remind them of when rent is due in order to help them make payment on time. Another challenge about collecting rent on time is when some tenants are not familiar with or used to the method of payment, so we do have various payment methods to accommodate the renters.

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